We got gas.

If you need to fill your scuba diving or PCP cylinders, we will give you the freshest air and the best-filled cylinder in town – whilst you wait.

Fill your lungs clear your mind
The Evolution Way
You can expect clean air and properly filled cylinders at Scuba Evolution. We want you to enjoy scuba diving without worrying about the quality of air you are breathing or enjoying your pre-charged pneumatic air guns (PCPs) without thinking about where to fill. Our air banks are always at the ready to fill your cylinders with clean and fresh air. Since our compressors are regularly serviced and well maintained, you can expect premium air quality every fill.

Simply structured

Fills starting at R110

We will fill tanks only that are in date and meet OHASA requirements.

Hydros & Visuals
Staying in date
If you need to visual or hydro your cylinders, we can do this for you. This will ensure they are always in date and regularly tested to keep you safe whilst diving. Your cylinder needs to be visually inspected once every 2 years and hydrostatically tested once every 4 years.