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Unlock access to the “members only” experience every time you sign in before you shop. We’ll recognise you as an Elite member and show you exclusive member-only deals and bonus offers as you shop. Plus, you’ll get unbeatable deals. With savings as big as 100% off courses, scuba gear hire, local trips and much more.

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Elite Membership
Join our Scuba Evolution Elite program and receive discounts on courses, gear, trips & travel, free refresher courses, free air fills and so much more. We have partnered with dive lodges and suppliers across the continent to offer you the best deals.

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Evolution® Rewards
By becoming an Elite member you will also get Scuba Evolution® Rewards, rewards points you can actually use. Each time you purchase a course, go on a trip or purchase gear, you will earn points, these points can be redeemed against a wide array of gifts such as travel vouchers, gift vouchers, air fill vouchers, gear service vouchers and much much more!

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Don’t delay anymore, join our Elite program designed for the scuba diver who wants to be a part of something much bigger. Providing you with benefits that go beyond, it makes you part of the Elite who want to have fun and save while doing so.