Take care of you.

Gear service and maintenance is imperative

If you are a serious diver the odds are you have invested a significant amount of money in your dive gear. So it goes without saying you want to take the best possible care of your gear. Regular maintenance of your dive gear is essential to ensure it remains reliable and functioning correctly while greatly prolonging the life of your gear. Contact us today with your servicing needs.

Your breathing apparatus
Scuba regulators need to be serviced once a year or every 100 dives, We are able to service all brands of scuba regulators old and new directly by the manufacturers.

Your buoyancy device
After your regulator we believe your BCD is the next most integral part of your diving system. Your BCD should be serviced every year. It is difficult to see when your BCD needs a service, but the inside can build up a lot of salt and corrosion which can lead to failure or shorten the lifespan of your BCD.

Your air source
Once every year your scuba cylinder will need a visual inspection and every four years it will need to undergo a Hydrostatic Inspection. We send all our scuba diving cylinders to our preferred service centre who inspect and service the cylinders to SABS and Department of Labour sanctioned standards to ensure your personal safety and enjoyment.

Your timing device
When underwater it is important to know your cylinder air pressure and your depth. Dive Computers improve your dive safety, extend your bottom time on multiple dives and allow reverse profile diving. There is nothing worse than having a dive computer in a remote location with a low battery. Have your dive computer battery changed and your unit pressure-tested by one of our trained scuba technicians to give you peace of mind.

Fill your lungs clear your mind
The Evolution Way
You can expect clean air and properly filled cylinders at Scuba Evolution. We want you to enjoy scuba diving without worrying about the quality of air you are breathing or enjoying your pre-charged pneumatic air guns (PCPs) without thinking about where to fill.