Sky above us, Earth below us and Water all around us.

Meet our Professionals

Our hard working professional staff are available to help students and clients with any problems they may encounter. Whether it showing underwater photographers a secret, advice about purchasing the right gear or assistance with further education. We work tirelessly to support our students and clients to make your experience the best it can be.

MSDT PADI Professional
Devon Ford is our PADI Staff Instructor and Tec explorer from Johannesburg. With over 20 years of experience he leads our team of dive professionals. Most of the time you’ll find him navigating underwater wrecks, doing technical dives or training recreational scuba diving. He continues to amaze us with his relentless exploration of the aquatic world and the passion he has for training people.


MSDT PADI Professional
Hilary Jenkins started diving in 2006 and it was love at first breath. Passionate about the underwater environment, conservation, education and an avid photographer, Hilary became a PADI MSDT in 2010 and has worked at several dive centres in South Africa. Her greatest delight is turning even the most nervous student into a confident, comfortable diver and passing on her enthusiasm for everything aquatic./span>

PADI Dive Master
Mr Campbell
Alex Campbell is our PADI Dive Master from Johannesburg. He currently trains as a professional diver so that one day soon he can share his passion as an instructor to a new generation of divers. Most of the time you’ll find him behind a book broadening his current intuition or assisting our team of dive professionals. He continues to amaze us with his knowledge of the aquatic world and safety behind diving.

Videographer / Photographer
Michael Vieira has over 7 years’ experience as a videographer and cinematographer. He is a multi-faceted creative with a knack for creating narrative and conveying a story whether technical or emotive. With a passion for diving and the world beneath the waves, Mike has joined the team as a content creator for Scuba Evolution’s online platforms and offers video filming and editing to our students and fellow divers to capture invaluable dive-trip memories.