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Get Financing for Your Scuba Gear! Once your application is approved, you’ll have the freedom to shop for any products on our website. Just choose the items you want, proceed to the ‘Check out’ option and select the Payfast payment method. Your Mobicred funds will be readily accessible through the Payfast wallet system, allowing you to make purchases on our site instantly. It’s a quick and straight forward process! Apply today to secure the scuba gear you desire without making any compromises.

Bridge the gap
Key information
Mobicred is a revolving credit facility with over 1,600 online merchants. Mobicred incorporates a secure online payment method which uses OTPs to verify transactions. Mobicred is not linked to any existing credit cards or bank accounts.

Do I qualify?
Application requirements

Do you have a valid South African ID Number?
Are you 18 years or older in age?
Do you earn a minimum monthly salary of R5500?
Do you have an existing & valid bank account in your name?