The Dual 5mm women’s wetsuit She Dives is a classic 2-piece 5mm+5mm neoprene suit for first-time divers. Easy to put on and take off, it creates additional thermal protection in the chest and back areas where it’s needed most.

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The Dual 5mm She Dives wetsuit has reinforcements at the seams and knee pads made of anti-abrasive material against accidental wear and tear. On the strength of its experience, Mares has provided the Dual wetsuits with a grip area on both wrists to enable instruments to be positioned firmly. The Glide Skin wrist and ankle seals offer an optimal fit that is also achieved thanks to the introduction of the ergonomic neck closure in almost all models.

The main features of the Dual 5mm She Dives women’s wetsuit are:

  • Traditional combination of dungarees and jacket
  • Thicker neoprene zone concentrated on the chest and back where thermal protection is most needed
  • Wrist and ankle seals made of glide skin
  • Gives a pleasant sensation of freedom and mobility on arms and legs
  • Elastic inserts in strategic points
  • Fixed tool zone on both wrists
  • Knee pads made of anti-abrasive material.

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