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With the Led Tank Module, you can effortlessly transmit tank pressure readings directly to your Mares scuba dive computer. This innovative module employs a colour-coded system that provides an instant estimate of the gas level within the tank.

Compatible with the Genius, Quad Air, Smart Air, and Icon HD Net Ready computers



The LED Tank Module revolutionizes your diving experience by enabling direct transmission of tank pressure to your Mares dive computer. With its color-coded system, you can effortlessly estimate the gas level in your cylinder at a glance.

Attaching the module to the first stage high-pressure outlet (7/16″) is quick and straightforward. Once connected to your dive computer, it functions as a pressure gauge, even on the surface. The LED probe features flashing lights in three distinct colors: green indicates pressure over 180 bar, yellow signifies 100 bar, and red indicates levels below 50 bar.

By utilizing the LED Tank Module, your dive computer calculates real-time gas consumption in liters, optimizing bottom time based on the availability of decompression gas. To conserve battery life, the flashing function deactivates if there is no pressure change greater than 1 bar for more than 4 minutes. The module utilises a user-replaceable CR123A battery, offering a generous lifespan of approximately 150 to 200 dives, accounting for operating temperatures.

The main features of the LED Tank Module are:

  • Transmission of tank information to the dive computer
  • Colour-coded LED for convenient tank checks on the surface
  • Colour-coded LED alerts for low air situations during the dive, aiding communication with your buddy
  • Seamless pairing with compatible dive computers (Genius, Smart Air, Quad Air and Icon HD Net Ready)
  • EN250:2014 certified to 300 bar
  • User-replaceable CR123A battery

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