The LED Tank Module 2.0 is a tank pressure transmitter that allows you to obtain information about the tank gas being used. After linking it the first time, it remains paired to the dive computer. The module omits a series of colored lights via LED that identify the quantity of gas remaining. This tool will become indispensable after the first try. Having information regarding tank gas available at a glance will allow you to relax more during a dive.

Only compatible with the Sirius computer

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The LED Tank Module 2.0 is a tank pressure transmitter designed to seamlessly relay tank pressure data to compatible Mares dive computers. Once it has been associated with a dive computer, they remain permanently paired. This feature eliminates the need for repeated pairing, simplifying the setup process and enhancing user convenience. The module omits a signal via LED, and depending on the light color shown, it allows you to immediately identify how much gas is in the tank. Divers who dive with decompression gas, can see the quantity of stage gas. Its characteristics make this module a fundamental instrument for photographers and videographers because it allows for easy identification of the remaining gas.


The main features of the LED Tank Module 2.0 are:

  • Transmits tank information
  • Includes a coloured LED for quick tank checking on the surface
  • Permanent pairing
  • EN250:2014 certified to 300bar
  • Battery type: 14250
  • Battery life: 150+ dives
  • Pairs with the Sirius (414145)

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