The Volo Race diving fins feature the inclusion of soft longitudinal inserts, allowing for controlled deformation of the blade during kicking. This innovative feature enhances the responsiveness and efficiency of the fins, enabling divers to maximize their movements with precision. The fins incorporate a channel shape that displaces more water, resulting in increased thrust with the same effort.

With the OPB system, the blade of the fins maintains an optimal angle throughout the entire kicking cycle. This technology ensures efficiency during kicking, reducing resistance and improving overall performance.

Additionally, the Channel Thrust technology incorporated in these fins, allow the fins to maximize the flow of water, therefore moving a greater amount of water. The result is greater thrusting power with the same amount of effort.

The main features of the Volo Race fins are:

  • Anatomical foot pocket for a secure and comfortable fit
  • OPB system for easy kicking efficiency
  • Channel Thrust technology for increased thrust and performance
  • Choose the Volo Race diving fins to experience enhanced power, efficiency, and control during your underwater explorations.