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The Quad, Air scuba dive computer has a clear display and allows you to view relevant dive data at a glance. With the Quad Air you can also read the tank pressure directly on the display, via wireless connection. The three-sector layout includes all the relevant data, including tank pressure. Extended battery life, user-replaceable.



The Quad Air scuba dive computer is simple to use and has an excellent autonomy.
Thanks to its clear display and giant data viewer, the information is instant and readable at a glance. The user interface is divided into three segments: one for depth, one for time and decompression and one for cylinder pressure.

For an even more intuitive reading of the data, Mares has increased the communicative effectiveness of the most important parameters by displaying them in bigger numbers, while the two secondary parameters are displayed in a way that takes up less space on the monitor.

Among the Quad Air’s strengths are its low battery consumption (user-replaceable with standard commercial batteries), which offers up to 150 dives, and the integration of tank data – air – for up to three transmitters which are sold separately. The probe positioned on the first stage, as well as sending data to the Quad Air via radiofrequency features a LED that uses colour coding (green/above 180 bar, yellow/100 bar, red/50 bar) to provide quick and intuitive communication to the diver and their companions.

During a dive, the four buttons on the dial – those on the left have the same functions as those on the right – are mirrored so that it is always easy to operate the Quad Air regardless of which arm it is worn on. The ‘Runaway Deco Alarm’ alerts the user when staying at the current depth will result in a significant increase in mandatory decompression stops; the ‘Deco Dive Planner’ adapts the surface interval input to your needs.
The multi-blend function, which tunes three different probes and mixtures in a single dive without looking at the gauge, completes Quad Air’s customisations.

The main features of the Quad Air dive computer are:

  • Extraordinarily clear display with data displayed in giant size
  • Integration of tank data without a hose for up to three transmitters
  • Three-sector layout includes all the relevant data, including cylinder pressure
  • Two customisable fields for auxiliary information
  • Four buttons for an intuitive user interface
  • Mirror function of buttons while diving
  • Exponential decompression alarm
  • Multi-mix function
  • Decompression dive planner with user-adjustable surface interval

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