Sink the stink neoprene deodorizer


Sink the Stink® is a natural, environmentally friendly, state of the art product, specifically formulated for the diving, surfing and water sports community. Sink the Stink® biologically eliminates the odours commonly found in neoprene wet suits, BCDs and dive skins, including urine, mildew and other gnarly smells that can knock the Oakleys right off your face.

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Sink the Stink® is a synergistic mixture of four special odor destroying bacteria cultures which are kept in a state of suspended animation while packaged in their sachet. Sink the Stink® has a long shelf life and can be safely stored. Water Sports odours are produced by bacteria, called Stinker Bugs, found in both salt and fresh water. Stinker bacteria consume organic matter like algae, bacteria, pollution, waste matter and urine. When a Stinker starts munching, it produces a minute amount of foul smelling waste products. When billions and billions of Stinkers have lunch in your wet suit or dive skin, you have a serious problem.

As soon as the Sink the Stink® concentrate is mixed with warm water, our bugs spring into action and start a seek and destroy mission on the organic waste matter they find in neoprene, nylon, Polartec and other items immersed in the solution. Our Sink the Stink® microbes eat and reproduce very aggressively, but unlike their obnoxious, flatulent cousins, they produce only odorless carbon dioxide and water. Soon the Stinker bacteria are out of food and out of luck. Sink the Stink® forms a bio-film that penetrates deep into neoprene, eliminating urine and other contaminants absorbed under pressure. This deep cleaning is impossible with shampoos and cleaners used at one atmosphere. When the Sink the Stink® microbes have done their job, they quietly expire leaving behind a thoroughly clean environment.


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