SurfScreen SPF 50+


Specifically developed for ocean enthusiasts to provide the ultimate water-resistant Zinc. Tested and developed with the world’s best sailors and surfers to outperform and outlast any other product on the market. Highly concentrated 50ml tube of SurfScreen will last the average user over 12 months!

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Formulated by Chemists and Surfers with 50+ years’ experience developing sunscreen formulations in Australasia. SurfScreen contains 97% natural physical sun filters: Titanium dioxide and Zinc Oxide. We incorporate a small percentage of Chemical sun filters (reef safe) to give SurfScreen its broad Spectrum, UVA/ UVB protection. We are combining the best of nature and human engineering to bring the best waterproof Zinc to the market.

  • Skin toned SurfScreen contains 97% natural physical sun filters
  • Reef Friendly
  • Formulated with LANOLIN to moisturise and protect
  • PABA Free. Oxybenzone Free. Paraben Free. Octocrylene Free
  • All claims have been clinically tested and approved by Dermatest Australia


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