10,000-Lumen Video Light Combo

10,000-Lumen Video Light Combo



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10,000-Lumen Video Light Combo

10,000-Lumen Video Light with Remote Control

This new addition to the Bigblue Dive Lights photo/video light family is a great choice for the semipro photo/video enthusiast who wants a cool white light (6500K) with a remote control included. The biggest improvement to this light is that it is built with remote controller allowing you to adjust the power and functions from a camera mount. This will allow you to control the light at a more comfortable position of your choosing. The VL10000P-RCP is a self-contained, compact yet powerful, all-purpose dive light—but it is best suited for video purposes with its extra-wide 120-degree beam and cool white color temperature. The VL10000P-RCP will provide a beautiful even-toned light source to make any underwater creature pop with natural color. This light also features a built-in Red LED function. Additional product suggestions: spare battery (BATCELL18650x4) Ambient blue filter (AF55), Fluordiving kit (FDK55).



  • 10,000 Lumens at 6500K color temperature
  • 75 Colour Rendering Index
  • Remote controller included
  • The removeable rechargeable Li-ion 18650×4 battery pack (included) gives you two hours on high
  • Four power settings to reduce the intensity and increase battery life
  • Anodised aluminum housing means rugged dependability
  • Colour-coded battery indicator
  • 100M depth rating

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